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Leave the Bride and Groom with a Memory of their Wedding Day

Posted in Great Ideas and Tips on February 3, 2009 by artz2009

One of our customers, Chris Ramirez, has a great idea! He does not let the bride and groom leave their wedding reception without a memory of the day – he gives them a glimpse back to some incredible moments!

Chris brings not only his camera, but a portable printer and an ArtZ Accordion to his shoots. When he has a moment Chris prints five memorable photo’s from the day. Quickly and easily, he mounts them in one of ArtZ’s five panel accordions.

Chris’s clients can’t help but be surprised and excited to instantly have the precious gift of a few key images from the day to relish over that night and the days to come!

The ArtZ accordion can be found in the ZBox Product Section of their website The image was provided by Chris Ramirez, with ArtZ Accordion